Who am I?

I’m a specialist in personal development, a field in which I found the answers to many questions when I was younger.

I believe in courage and resourcefulness. At 18 I went to live abroad by myself. And in 2011, when I found myself without a flat, a boyfriend and a job at the same time, I decided to travel the world on a sailing ship.

I’m also much happier than when I took my first steps on the path to self-development, and I am eager to share some of what I have gained on that road. My work is done primarily in Spanish and French, which is why you will find so little content in the English version of this website (you’ll find most of my published work in the French version).


I have two masters in social sciences, one in contemporary history and the other in gender equality.

I learned the ropes of entrepreneurship in the Expert Program by Raimon Samsó, nº1 specialist in ethical business in Spain.

What I know about personal development I learned partly from my first coach Lionel Lainard and partly by personal investigation, trial and error.


Since 2010 I have published more than 500 articles and several ebooks on personal development. In 2012 I launched Your personal development. Since then, hundreds of clients have validated both my consultations and my video courses.

But I have learned from other professions a great part of what I use in my daily work. My work experience encompasses several years as a high school teacher, different jobs in the world of sailing and the management of several cultural projects. All of this has been crucial for my work in personal development.


I highly value courage, honesty towards oneself and others, ethics (to me, this means doing what you think is right with the best intentions), the ability to change and grow, reliability (that is, the ability to fulfil your engagements; a basic, and yet sometimes neglected quality) and good humour.

What else can I tell you about myself?

Some curious details

  • I am Spanish, but I studied in the French system since I was a child and all the way into college. French is like a second mother tongue for me.
  • I love writing fanfiction (stories set in universes like The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter) in my free time. I usually write them in English.
  • At 15 I won the female Spanish sailing championship (in the Optimist class) and at 18 I won a prize in the prestigious Concours Général (a competition between the best pupils in every discipline from all French high schools in the world).
  • I have completed a marathon and three ultra marathons of 50, 60 and 100 km.


Do you wish to contact me?

I read all my mail carefully and will get back to you on the following working day.